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1. The oil circuit of the hydraulic device is simplified to solve the problem of oil leakage.
2. Especially suitable for users with small space and unstable production capacity.
3. Optional 2 Axis control & 3 Axis control.
4. The maximum length of the worktable is 2000mm, and the bending pressure is 60T.

Machiner FrameCHINAGHBM

Double-sided Die Fast Clamp

PLC Receiving Signal BoardCHINAGHBM
Power Supply BoardCHINAGHBM
Solenoid Value Drive PlateCHINAGHBM
Intermediate RelayFRANCEABB
Hydraulic Solenoid ValveCHINAYUKEN

Nominal Pressure


Lateral Width

1400 mm

Bending Length1200 mmRam Working Speed

1100 mm

Table Travel

100 mm

Total Machine Height

2000 mm

Oil Cylinder Number


Column Spacing

1020 mm
Rising Speed

46 mm/s

Lower Workbench Width

60 mm

Bending Speed

10 mm/s

Distance Between Up And Down Workbench

285 mm

Descent Speed

42 mm/s

Opening Height

400 mm

Tank Capacity

35 L

Lower Workbench Height

930 mm

Motor Power4 KWThroat Depth300 mm

5 KW

Max. Bending Length

1200 mm

Machine Weight1800 KgOpenation Panel Height1050 mm
Maximum Stroke Of Rear Gear(L Axis)550 laxis*REMARK: Subject to alteration. Only specifications in our offer and order confirmation are binding.

Fast Accurate Stable

Specializes in thin plate bending, with 35-100 tons of pressure versions.

The bending speed is fast and the positioning is accurate, suitable for the processing of various complex and precise workpieces.

The center of gravity of the frame is lower,more stable.

When the machine is running, the frame has almost no vibration and deformation, and machine is quiet and silent.

Frame Welding

The frame is welded by automatic welding equipment, and the welding seam is uniform, which makes the frame harder to deform under stress.

Vibration stress relief

The frame parts are welded and formed by automatic welding equipment, and the welding seam is more uniform. In addition, the residual stress after welding is eliminated through vibration stress relief.The frame finally achieve high rigidity.

Self-developed back-gauge mechanism

 With a number of innovative technology patents, it solves the problem of scraping and topping in the bending operation. Cooperate with imported screw rod and linear guide, back gauge’s positioning is more accurate.

Features to improve user experience

Various functional improvements are dedicated to simplifying the production process and enhancing user experience.

Self-developed bending CNC system

It supports up to 200 kinds of workpieces, 40 steps of programming, and supports workpiece programming storage and recall. Provide technical support such as system maintenance and upgrade to achieve strong performance of the machine. 

Double side quick-released clamp(standard)

The mold can be installed on both sides of clamp quickly, which is suitable for processing various complex workpieces and saving mold costs.

Folding front supporting device

The new design can be applied to different applicable scenarios: it can be opened to support and place the workpiece, or it can be folded to save space.

LED work area lighting

The cleverly designed LED lighting device can effectively enhance the brightness of processing area and help users focus more on bending. The selected LED light bar has low power consumption, low heat generation, long life and higher brightness!

Auto bending unit(optional)

We can provide automatic sheet metal processing solutions according to your production and processing needs to reduce your labor costs and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Core Components

Servo Motor

A higher precision control is achieved through closed-loop control. Faster speed increases the overall working speed of the machine.

HIWIN Ball Screw&Linear Guide From TAIWAN,CHINA

OPKON Grating Ruler From Turkey

KACON Foot Switch From Korea

The pedals are resistant to high temperature, impact and abrasion. The cable connecting the foot switch is water-proof, oil-proof and shock-proof, which is safe and reliable.

Bosch Rexroth Electromagnetic Valve From Germany

HAWE Oil Pump From Germany

Strong pressure keeping capacity. Stop the pump and keep the pressure for 5 minutes, and the pressure drop should not exceed 5Mpa.
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