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1. It adopts double precision screw synchronous transmission, and the parallelism of planing groove can reach ≤0.03mm.
2. The high-quality die-steel tool holder seat has been precision-grinded for ultra-high durability.
3. Quenched and tempered die steel tool holder seat, fine grinded guide rail and slider combine to achieve ±0.01mm blade feeding accuracy.
4. The maximum length of planing is 6200mm, and the minimum size of the workpiece is 8mm * 8mm.

Machiner FrameCHINAGHBM
Cooling SystemCHINAGHBM
Planetary ReducerCHINAZHUOLAN
Low Voltage Electrical ApparatusFRANCESCHNEIDER
Tool Holder Servo MotorJAPANMITSUBISHI
Tool Holder Servo MotorJAPANMITSUBISHI

PUTNC Numerical Control System


Machine Frame MaterialQ235


4360 mm

Blade Holder Material

alloy steel


2800 mm

Max. Processing Length3200 mm


2325 mm

Max. Processing Width

1600 mm

Grooving Speed(X-axis)

4-28 m/min

Prcocessing Thickness0.5 mm-6 mm

Blade Return Speed(X-axis)

0-80 m/min

Min. V-trough Edge

8 mm

Back Gauge Speed

0-6 m/min

Diving System

3 axis cnc control(x/y/z)

Blade Holder Speed(Vertical)

0-0.5 m/min

Servo Motor Power

4.2 KW

Back Gauge Resolution(Y-axis)

±0.01 mm


15 inch HD LCD touch screen

Back Gauge Stoke(Y-axis)

1600 mm


32 K / 14000 steps

Blade Holder Resolution(Z-axis)

±0.01 mm

Driving Mode

ball screw / inear guide / gear rack

Blade Holder Stroke(Z-axis)

10 mm

Machine Weight

9700 Kg

Hydraulic System

1.5 KW / 35 L / 10 Mpa

Metal Sheet Grooving

Vertical V-Grooving machine is good at metal sheet accurate grooving,

which is good for controling the radius of the bending angle in the subsequent bending process.

Stable Accurate Quiet

The frame steel plate is processed by a large gantry center with high precision.

The frame is processed by automatic welding equipment, and the welding seam is uniform. This ensures the high rigidity of the entire frame.

Movable Touch Screen (National Patent)

The operating platform is specially designed as a big touch screen display which can follow the operator's movements for quick operation.  

Multiple Grooving Modes

A variety of automatic grooving programs such as one-way grooving, reciprocating grooving, and fixed-point grooving can be implemented.
The tool holder is driven by a servo motor, and the blade feeding accuracy is ±0.01mm.

Efficient & Simple NC System

The control system is independently researched and developed by GHBM and has obtained a national patent.

Solve the two major problems of simplifying the programming process and efficient production.

GHBM 5U NC System

Simple operation and low learning cost. Support multi-slot grooving                    programming and support the programming call function.

Processing Effect Display

The arc radius of the edge of the workpiece is small, and no bending creases on product’s surface. It is particularly suitable for workpieces with high requirements for surface smoothness and beauty

Powerful Features Perfect Details

15.6-inch LCD capacitive screen, precise touch control, provides customers with a valuable interactive programming experience.

Equipped with efficient control algorithms to optimize the working cycle of the machine, so that it can produce more workpieces in the same time.       

Imported Blades(Standard)

The cutter block is made of high-quality steel after quenching treatment to obtain high strength and high wear resistance.

Front Support Device(Standard)

It can slide left and right along the linear guide, and can be folded to save space.

LED work area lighting(Standard)

LED lighting equipment can illuminate the work area with low  energy consumption and high brightness.

Accurate Back Support Device(Standard)

The plate is fed into machine by back clamp on back support device.And the feeding tolerance is≤±0.03mm. The plane of the pallet is strengthened to make it more wear-resistant.

Core Components

Servo Motor

HIWIN Ball Screw&Linear Guide From TAIWAN,CHINA

Zhuolan Planetary Reducer

GHBM 5U NC System

Mitsubishi PLC From Japan

Schneider Low Voltage Electric Parts

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